15,000 and 20,000 LB Rolling Bridge Jack

This rolling bridge jack is unlike any other on the market. We have been making them here for over 30 years.

Includes truck adaptors, and adjustable width slider arms and brakes.

We can build then to fit may other lifts including Rotary, etc.

Call today and of course they are made right here in the USA.


  • 15 and 20,000 LB Rolling Bridge Jack
  • Scissors Design
  • Lifting Height (No Adaptors) - 21.5"
  • Lowered Height - 6.25"
  • Max/Min Track Spread - 58.5"/~38"
  • Power - Air/Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Drop in Truck Adaptors - 3" & 6"
  • 10,000 LB Hydraulic Cylinders
  • 30 Plus Years of Real World Experience
  • For I-Beam Track with Angle Border
Heavy Duty Rolling Bridge Jack
tall truck adaptor drop in
normal adaptor

Rolling Bridge Jack - Specs

Jack Brake